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Weston Road Project, 2020

This project is a contemporary survey of a unique element in Toronto’s urban fabric. Cutting diagonally across the city’s street grid, the lower stretch of Weston Road is a major traffic artery but also the spinal column that connects a series of distinct neighbourhoods.

The project, which has grown to include 500 images, covers the types of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional architecture, as well as the transit infrastructure to be found on the lower 7 kilometer stretch of Weston Road, beginning in the redeveloped Stockyards District and passing through Mount Dennis and the former town of Weston.



As my photos show, the communities in Weston and Mount Dennis still have an architectural presence on the street, while other parts of Weston Road reflect the haphazard expansion of the City of Toronto into its near suburbs during the 20th century.  After the establishment of Metropolitan Toronto in 1954, local governments concentrated on making it easier to get around by car.


The complete domination of lower Weston road by the automobile is, however about to be challenged by improvements to public transit. When it opens in 2022, the Mount Dennis LRT terminal at Eglinton Avenue will also be the second largest intermodal hub in the city after Union Station.


My project includes views of typical neighbourhood streets, whose quiet and well ordered aspect may well be disturbed by development pressures associated with improved access by transit.


Storefronts Converted to Apartments, 1031-1041 Weston Road, Mount Dennis, 2020


Construction Site, Mount Dennis Intermodal Transit Station, Eglinton Avenue at Weston Road, 2020


Church of St Mary and St Martha, 1149 Weston Road, Corner of Eglinton Avenue, 2020


Housing, 123-135 Brownville Avenue near Barr Avenue, 2020


Irving Tissue, 1551 Weston Road North of Jane Street, 2020


Mount Moriah Lighthouse Prayer and Healing Tabernacle, Storefront Church, 1492 Weston Road, 2020


Nickle Street,  Next to Rail Corridor, Mount Dennis, 2020


Construction Site, Options for Homes Humber Condominium, 10 Wilby Crescent, Weston, 2020


Sidney Belsey Crescent, Looking West from Weston Road, 2020


Basketball Court  Behind Portage Trail Community School, Sidney Belsey Crescent, 2020


Bridge Over the Humber River, St. Phillips Road at Weston Road, 2020


Doorway, 1271 Weston Road, 2020


Apartment Blocks, Beech Hall Housing Co-op, Humber Boulevard, 2020


91 Rosemount Avenue at John Street, Weston, 2020


Row Housing, 264-268 Weston Road, 2020


Notice of Proposed Development, 12 Locust Street, Mount Dennis, 2020


Facade of Korce Group Apartments, 29 Church Street, Weston. 2020


Weston Plaza, 2137-2159 Weston Road at Fern Avenue, 2020


Black Creek Channel, Looking East from Louvain Street, 2020


St. John's Anglican Church, 2125 Weston Road, 2020


Scott Funeral Home, 1273 Weston Road, 2020


Light Industrial District, Valley Crescent, 2020


Automotive Service Strip, Weston Road South of Rogers Road, 2020


Mosaic Decoration, Carnegie Library, King Street, Weston, 2020


Downtown Weston Storefronts, 1957-1963 Weston Road, 2020

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